Project Description

Apartment at Kovan, Singapore
Though the apartment was relatively new when our clients bought it from a previous owner, the kitchen was very small and it’s entrance awkwardly positioned. There was also a wasted corridor space outside the Master Bedroom which could potentially be amalgamated with the bedroom.
We made a detailed study on the optimal widening of the kitchen as every inch added to it meant an inch taken away from the Living Room. We found that measurement and also re-laid out the kitchen to vastly improve the workflow of the space, at the same time creating a full-glass door and glass partition so as to bring more light into it, making the kitchen a much happier space to work in.
The former corridor space outside the Master Bedroom was amalgamated into the bedroom, which has since become a spacious, perfect rectangle.
For space optimization, we customized all the bed frames for the couple and their 2 children, and through careful design and material selection, transformed the originally plainly finished apartment into one with the touch of a discerningly appointed serviced apartment.