Project Description

House at Jln Lateh, Singapore

The immediate concern of the client was to use landscaping to screen off the place of worship adjacent to the house. While bearing that requirement in mind, we explored the different spaces in the house and designed the landscaping to also enhance the sensorial experience throughout the house.  Planting was introduced to soften spaces of the house which is composed largely of plastered walls, aluminium and glass surfaces.  The transparency of the house also permits the strategically planned landscaping at the ground to be appreciated from the upper levels.

A walk up from the main gate to the main living space on the upper level vide the front garden is livened with white flowering tabernaemontanas. Sculptural frangipanis create foreground focus from the Living Room, while fine bamboos form the backdrop, simultaneously screening off the neighbor. As one laps along the sheltered pool, elegant Raphis palms line the pool deck, and lush tropical planting terminates the axis, creating a tropical garden environment that complements delightfully with the architecture in the central atrium of the house.