Project Description

Houses at Bishan, Singapore

We wanted to celebrate, to give significance to the act of entering each dwelling. The underlying strategy was to create an intimate external transitory space at the entrance, a feature which is evident in most asian vernacular architecture.   As one crosses a quiet and dark coloured reflection pond to get to the main door, a sun-bathed textured wall lining a little opening provides the visual contrast and disappears into the pond. The entry experience is heightened as one appreciates the tactile and spatial experience of this micro-environment. Upon opening the door, the view explodes into the wide expanse of the gardens beyond the house through large panels of glass doors lining the open-concept living spaces.

Leopard trees, known for their exquisite peeling barks, were chosen as the main planting for the houses. Their multi-tonal barks echo the multi-tonal expression of the car porch flooring and exterior wall treatment, reinforcing the tactile and visual treatment of surfaces throughout the exterior of the houses.