Project Description

Institutional Buildings, Singapore

The extension of the existing complex involved 4 new blocks in a generally rectangular shaped site. We had the opportunity to provide architectural, interior and landscape design services in the project. Together with this cluster, another warehouse block was also completed in another location within the complex.

We sought to give these new buildings a smart and fresh-looking outlook that is reflective of their use. An important aspect of design consideration was to create a neat overall design outlook through carefully considered co-ordination and housing of services. The use of pre-cast wall elements also gave a higher quality finish and improved the efficiency and speed of construction. Finally, through a controlled palette of colours including dark grey, earth tones and whites, we gave a strong and smart outlook to these institutional buildings, and colours become an important set of devices to highlight the features of the architecture.

For the interiors, a warm palette of colours is proposed to give a refreshing interior ambience, departing from the cool greys, blues and greens which are typically used in such projects.

In the landscaping, highly àrchitectural’ looking Bucida molineti trees were planted next to the main block, complementing the most articulated building of the development. These attractive trees provide shade and visual relief for the occupants of the building and echoed the rhythmic expression of the building treatment. The sculptural and attractive Plumeria obtusas were used to mark the entrances and nodes of the development. These trees have a distinguished and `welcoming’ outlook and serve as ideal markers at the designated locations. Shade loving flowering shrubs (Tabernaemontana coronaria)  were used next to the existing trees at the short sides of the development to create a pleasant environment and a visually striking statement at these 2 ends of site.