Project Description

Residence at Buckley Court, Mumbai, India

Buckley Court is a highly exclusive apartment block in South Mumbai that comprises of a single apartment unit per storey.  Each apartment features 4 huge terraces that offer stunning panoramic views of the city of South Mumbai. The main entertainment and living spaces of our client’s residence occupy the 21st to the 24th levels of the block. Their brief for us was to landscape the huge terraces and interior spaces across the 4 levels of apartment spaces, and to bring colour and life to these spaces through plant and flower scapes.

We observed the context and took our design cue from the interior setup of the residence. The interiors of the lower 2 floors were designed in a warm, eclectic manner, while the 2 upper levels were highly stark and contemporary in style. We complemented the ambience of the spaces by adopting a lush, rich, colourful and tropical feel to the landscaping of the lower 2 floors, and a lighter and starker form of landscaping in the upper 2 levels. We also studied our clients’ requirements of each of these terraces and of the adjoining interior spaces in order to craft the landscape design. Simultaneously, we sought to refine the ambience within each level even further by varying the landscape theme of each terrace.

Other than the different views offered by the individual terraces, the customised environment created by the varying softscape themes and layout enhance the specific nature of each of these entertainment and living spaces.