Project Description

RiverLife Church at Loyang Besar Close, Singapore

As part of its infrastructural improvement plans, the client needed to refurbish and add new programs to the external facilities and gardens of the rear half of the premises, and to create a new pedestrian entrance from the rear of the property. From the new garden pedestrian approach, a new foyer had to be created for the church building and the severe water ingress problems to the adjoining unenclosed staircase had to be resolved. We gave an all-new focal element to this part of the premise by designing a perforated skin to the staircase. This `skin’ carried a lively, animated feel through subtle variations in the toning and arrangement of the perforated aluminium panels.  The trellised canopy of the new foyer engaged with this `skin’ to create an exquisitely detailed feature as a focal point to the new secondary approach.

The usable spaces and programs were identified and these were choreographed into a pleasant landscape experience, employing simple but effective aesthetic and experiential techniques of layering, focal points, minor changes in directions, patterning, transitions, colours, textures, backdrop and foreground planting and play of light and shadow.