Our logo appears as a stylized representation of the bamboo plant. Bamboo has traditionally been appreciated functionally for its wide range of uses as building and domestic products, aesthetically for its grace and beauty, and qualitatively for its virtues of rectitude, resilience and simplicity. Therein we find qualities that BHN Architecture and BHNA Pte Ltd strive to achieve in what we do: Simplicity and Beauty in our design, Practicality and Thoughtfulness in our products, Commitment and Integrity in the services to our clients.

Worked into the logo are the letters `B’, `H’, `N’, which is the acronym of our principal’s name, and `A’ for the word “Architecture”. In choosing to use the word “Architecture” instead of “Architects” in our name, we keep in mind that the work we do as architects must be about the celebration of, and contribution towards Architecture. Birthed from the imagination, architecture realized in physical form must be meaningful and bring delight. We hope that through the practice, we may discover and represent what we understand to be authentic and meaningful Architecture in the midst of the many noises and distractions that affect the perception of what true and good design is.