Bernard Ng graduated from the School of Architecture, NUS with a Master’s degree in Architecture in 1999, and registered with the Board of Architects in 2005. He is the Founder and Principal Architect of BHN Architecture and Founding Director of BHNA Pte Ltd.

Bernard was involved in a wide range of architectural projects and competitions which included single-family homes, collective housing, schools, military institutions, spa and hospitality developments, offices and warehouse buildings while under employment in architectural and multi-disciplinary consultant offices before and after graduating from the university. Prior to establishing his own practice and design consultancy, Bernard headed landscape design in Engawa Design Consultancy, architectural design in POD and led a design team in Tierra Design.

Bernard has special interest in the multi-disciplinary integration of architectural, interior and landscape design. Simultaneous consideration of the effects and impact of architecture, environment and landscaping, and interior design is exercised whenever possible to arrive at sensitively integrated and carefully resolved design solutions even in early phases of projects. Bernard exercises a human-centred approach and places emphasis on biophilic design in much of his work, integrating nature into his interior and architectural designs to create moving and inspiring spaces that bring humans into various levels of engagement with nature.

Bernard’s early office commissions include houses and interior design work, and to this day, despite the significant expansion of the office portfolio, each project, irrespective of size or type, is approached with the same commitment of service and sensitivity to design.